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low cost insect and Bed bug Removal in Mitcham london is one of the best low cost pest control services provider. we are in heat treatment in Mitcham, insect and Bed bug Removal in Mitcham.

Bluepestcontrol is a London based company that offers problem specific and individually tailored heat treatment solutions in order to eradicate all sorts of bed bugs, booklice, carpet mites, ants, cockroaches, mites, woodworms, moths, beetles and any other sort of stored product pest. Our heat treatment solutions also eliminate dry rot, moulds, fungus and various pathogens as well. Our low cost heat treatment solution gives guaranteed results whilst keeping in mind the type of pest infestation and its life cycle. Heat treatment in Mitcham & tooting.

The Benefits

Only method proven scientifically to eradicate the pest infestation by more than 90%
Most effective, efficient and environment friendly method to eradicate almost every single type of pest infestation.
Saves time and cost due to its versatility as our system works simultaneously in all treated premises.
Preserve furniture no matter how bad it is infested unlike any other pest removal solution.

Our bespoke treatment include free of charge inspection before the heat treatment and an insecticide spray after the treatment to ensure post-treatment residual effect and reduced risk of pest recurrence.
Premises once treated with heat treatment will be absolutely fine to occupy immediately.

020 3380 5035, 077 1594 9322
Offered for £100
Location: SW16 4TZ, London
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