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Saturday 29/04/2017 12:28PM
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oracle hrms online training in hyderabad, telangana, india

We have started this Oracle HRMS Online Training five years ago. And we became one of the top most leading trainers providing Oracle HRMS online training in these 5 yrs. We are exclusively focusing on Oracle HRMS modules. Thus by giving complete insight into Oracle HRMS functional modules like HR, Payroll and Self Service HR modules.

In our training, there are no intermediary people between the student and the trainer. Hence, the Course Fee is also much reasonable and worthful, making the commitment more stronger.

You may compare our course content with the content of any other Oracle HRMS functional trainers. Our course content covers around 110 topics in Core HR, SSHR and Payroll modules which will make every aspirant convinced in the demo itself. More over, You may attend one regular ongoing session at anytime to witness the real pulse. This will be in addition to the Demo session to evaluate our training skills before joining the course.

Once the training starts, as we progress on the topics, each of these 110 topics will be marked as completed upon the confirmation from all the students in the batch. This way we are ensuring that none of the topics listed in the content document are missed by end of our course.

INDIA: +91 9177530532, USA: +1 7039011652
Offered for £100
Location: 500060, Other city
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