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Saturday 29/04/2017 12:25PM
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What is a Plugboard and How Can I use it to Advertise My Business ?


A plugboard, as they are termed, is a small script that runs on a website that allows you free advertising of your own website or URL. There are several types of plugboards out there, and we will go over those individual types in a moment, but first let's get the idea of how a plugboard actually works. A plugboard has a set number of spaces or "slots" for advertising. The basic idea is that you enter your own information for your website in the space provided, and your advertisement is placed at the bottom space in the plugboard. When you add your "plug" or website information, the advertisement at the top of the plugboard, which has been there the longest, is then pushed off, or removed from, the plugboard. As others add their own website advertisements, your own advertisement will be moved further up the spaces on the plugboard. Eventually, after you have been pushed up through all the spaces on the board, your own advertisement will be removed, and you will have to revisit that board and re-enter your information again.




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